8 Tools To Make SVG Patterns

Using SVG for background patterns is great because they are very small, vector, thus crisp at any screen resolution. So here are some useful tools to make SVG patterns for your website and download it.

Plain Pattern

Plain Pattern is an SVG based seamless pattern maker.


Delaunay triangle pattern maker

This project allows you to create beautiful high quality images featuring a nice pattern created from Delaunay triangulation and applying a flat surface shader.


SVG Patterns Gallery

This is a collection of svg-based pattern fills that can be used both as SVG patterns defs and CSS background image urls.



Patternbolt is a fine selection of SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS or SCSS file.


Pattern generator

Pattern generator based on the idea of the book forms of colors.





Generate and download SVG images to use in CSS backgrounds for html and graphic design.



Generate beautiful tiling SVG patterns from a string. The string is converted into a SHA and a color and pattern are determined based on the values in the hash. The color is determined by shifting the hue and saturation from a default (or passed in) base color.


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