20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools 2018

The typography of a website plays an integral role in the user experience of a site–just as much as other elements. A good typography is something lively for all websites as they are the communication medium. So here are 20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools that will hopefully make for a less stressful design process when it comes to creating, choosing, tweaking, organizing and identifying type.

20 Outstanding Portfolio Music WordPress Themes

If you`re a musician, a strong portfolio could mean the difference between success and failure. You absolutely need to build an online portfolio that showcases all your work in one, organized online destination. Imagine how hard it is for people to try and find examples of your work scattered across the Internet. Instead, they should be able to access all of your music in one destination that promotes your brand, your expertise, and who you are as a professional. So here are 20 Outstanding Portfolio Music WordPress Themes that allow you to showcase your work anywhere on your website.

40 Great Chat Dashboard UI Designs

The rise of chatbots brings a new way of communication between a human and app to the agenda – conversation. Unlike web or mobile graphic user interface, Chat UI is more about a straightforward and transparent dialog, rather than effective layouting of UI elements. So here are 40 Great Chat Dashboard UI Designs for inspiration to build Chat UI that works.

10 Useful Free GIF Animation Tools

You may have seen really cool animated GIFs that design professionals are using to present UI design on Behance, Dribble and other design communities platforms. There are many tools that can help you produce high quality animations of your projects. So here are 10 Useful Tools To Create High Quality GIF Animation that will make design workflow much quicker when creating and posting gifs to Dribbble or Behance.

50 Excellent Dark Background Web UI Designs

Dark colors are usually associated with elegance and mystery. Moreover, black is often associated with elegance, formality, prestige, and power. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why many powerful brands build their visual presentation around black-and-white scheme with dark dominating and light presenting and informing the recipient. So if you are looking for inspiration for design solutions which using dark background as a basis of color scheme, here are 50 Excellent Dark Background Web UI Designs to inspire you.

35 Awe-inspiring Botanical Typography Designs

Botanical Typography have been around a long time and have made their presence known in posters, cards, stationery and a range of other items. Adding botanical typography is very effective way of creating elegant designs with a sense of volume and sophistication. Be inspired by these beautiful, stunning examples of Botanical Typography Designs.