25 Cool Fonts That Look Like Real Paint Brush

Opentype-SVG bitmap fonts have really taken off over the last months. No wonder, they look amazing! So in this post I`ve put together 25 Cool SVG Fonts That Look Like Real Paint Brush that totally kicking ass at the moment.


Made with a soft transparent line texture, Don’t worry you still have the traditional vector format as usual.

Sparose SVG Font


A SVG Font, made by brush hand writing. The natural texture makes the fonts looks great for both feminine feel or masculine looks.

Gustolle SVG Font

Amithen Brush Font

It is textured brush font, contemporary approach to design, handmade natural with an irregular baseline. Suitable for use in title design.

Amithen Brush Font


The OpenSVG technology is just amazing because it allows us to have so much more detail & transparency in the letters, which can give your text a realistic hand-painted look. This is the OpenSVG version of the font. All the letters are basically bitmap images – each letter has been painted a dozen of times.

Austin |SVG Brush Font

Summer Loving Font Collection

Introducing the brand new set of ultra-textured SVG Fonts designed with high resolution paintbrush detail built right in – No need to spend hours creating your own hand-painted letters – just type these babies right onto your project.

Summer Loving Font Collection

The Lovestory Font Collection

Lovestory SVG Fonts are made by converting hand painted watercolour lettering , unchanged, including all its transparency and high resolution watercolour detail – into an actual font – as you type your letters out, it looks like you have just hand painted them.

The Lovestory Font Collection


With this font you get an amazing paintbrush effect built in, as a transparent texture, with no extra work required.

Avallon OpenType-SVG Font

Pure Heart

Take your design game to the next level with a hyper realistic font that truly looks hand painted. Pure Heart uses brand new technology that makes way for more authentic looking fonts and is sure to grab the attention of customers and designers alike. Each letter was carefully painted dozens of times until deemed perfect, and then edited to get the texture absolutely perfect.

Pure Heart - OpenType SVG Brush Font

Supreme Script + SVG

A beautiful collection of hand-lettered modern calligraphy fonts. Supreme is Handmade Font Brush, with combination lifestyle and street-wise brush font. With extra attention to quick strokes and sharp details, Supreme to deliver a message expressly and quickly, ideal for logos, apparel, quotes, product packaging, or anything which needs a typographic turbo-boost.

Supreme Script + SVG

Meraki SVG Script Font

An expressive and handwritten SVG script font featuring beautifully unique textures, alternate glyphs for both uppercase and lowercase letters, and multilingual support.

Meraki SVG Script Font

Gustave SVG Font

It is all-caps handmade brush font made using acrylic paint.

Gustave SVG Font


While support at the moment is limited, Mac designers who are using Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC can use them right now. They also work in many native Mac apps.

Tanktop SVG + Webfonts & Brush Fonts


It is oil paint font using high resolution brush stroke images instead of the traditional vector format.

Thinks Opentype SVG

Aloha Babe

I’m absolutely in love with! Its realistic hand-lettered watercolor look makes it the perfect fit for signature logos, printed quotes, wedding invitation cards, social media headers, product packaging and a lot more!

Aloha Babe

Burnts Maker

It was born from vandals, boomber, street art, fast technique about writing, hip-hop, gravity, very suitable for Music promotion, cover Album, promotion, Gigs or anything else. Burnts marker come with Tagging style, you could make like D.I.Y maker personally

Burnts Maker


Modern display font with modern style, this font will perfect for many different project.



It is bold brush script font, created with acrylic paint on transparency film. This gives it a level of detail that you just can’t get with a traditional vector typeface. The paint almost looks a dry brush because you can see each and every stroke.

Fierce font SVG brush script font

Wild Irish Rose

Wild Irish Rose brush script, intentionally painted very quickly without overthinking too much. By hand painting it quickly it retains its energy so that it looks fresh as a daisy—allowing you to create beautiful handmade brush lettering.

Wild Irish Rose brush script font

Tooth & Nail Dry Brush Font

With rough bold strokes and high quality textures throughout, Tooth & Nail is the perfect workhorse font for product packaging, promotional messages, handwritten quotes, home decor and branding projects. Tooth & Nail is reliable and familiar, like meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you’ve been reunited with an old friend.

Tooth & Nail Dry Brush Font

Valiente Brush

It is a hand brushed typeface, with authentic dry brush imperfections, and a very bouncy baseline It has a perfectly paired complimentary marker font , and a super handy set of bonus Swash.

Valiente Brush (UPDATED)

Stay Gold

With Stay Gold, you get two Opentype SVG fonts for the typical price of one. Each font takes on a life of its own, but they work great paired together which is why I didn’t want to split them up.

Stay Gold SVG Font Duo


A messy, loud & proud all-caps brush font which embraces imperfection. CRUSH uses new Opentype-SVG font technology to provide super high resolution paint strokes completely built in to the font as a transparency – just simply type away and let the font do it’s magic. It’s guaranteed to make a big impact as large display text on product packaging, advertisements, posters, cover designs, social media & more.


Black Space

The natural texture makes the fonts looks stands out from the crowd.

Black Space SVG Font

Soak Up The Sun Font Duo

Immerse yourself on the beach this summer with our new Soak Up The Sun Font collection. Introducing a textured handwritten SVG Fonts with wet ink effects. Feel the handmade love of this product. Created it manually, turning it into digital with high resolution.

Soak Up The Sun Font Duo + SVG


An original hand drawing ink brush on the paper, combined with the latest SVG format that would keep the transparency and the texture of the font. No need to worry if the SVG font only works in Photoshop cc 2017 and illustrator 2018, you’ll also get the PSD version in here.

Awaken SVG Font

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