1000+ Free Website Background Patterns

Searching for that perfect background for your design can be pretty difficult, from these resources you can browse through 1000s upon 1000s of backgrounds and patterns. Hopefully this will make your search that little bit easier, mind you with this number of resources it may make it harder.

200+ Beautiful Seamless Patterns Perfect for Web Design

Seamless patterns are a great way to add a big impact to a web design without a lot of effort. Here are 223 of them that are absolutely beautiful. Whether you use patterns to fill the entire background of your site or just a specific area of your design, you will definitely find these useful.


80 Stunning Background Patterns For Your Websites

Patterns can be simply repetition of simple stipes or polka-dots, others can be more complicated with complex combination of images and colors. A pattern must go with the overall style of the website, or it could be rather distractvie and annoying.


50+ Pattern Sets To Spice Up Your Website’s Background

Though repetitive patterns often remind us of the old-fashioned era, sometimes a pattern can also be the answer to your confusion in taking your design appearance to the next level. Let’s take a look at some examples of nice websites with a repetitive pattern as the background below.


20+ Cool Web Background Patterns

Have you ever seen a boring plain web background that does not create a mood for your design? I mentioned about web background because web background pattern is important for a website. It should match with your website design theme while creating a nice mood and tone for the website. If a website is attractive and fun to read, I will most likely visit it over and over again. Seeing the design that satisfies my taste is very pleasing.


650+ Free Photoshop Patterns

The use of repeating patterns in Photoshop can help to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort, and of course patterns have other uses as well. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free patterns that are available. You’ll find some individual patterns as well as many packs of multiple patterns.


46 Dark Seamless And Tileable Patterns For Your Website’s Background

Searching on all the pattern sites for a certain pattern which can be used on a specific site is pretty annoying so I gathered for you (and me) some of the best seamless and tileable dark patterns so you can download and use them in your web design projects. Now that you have the motherload of all dark patterns, show me some great dark website designs.


1000+ Background Patterns You can Use for Free

Background patterns, especially those seamless and scalable patterns, are very useful as design elements. As background for websites, for example, you can simply add a bright and interesting seamless pattern as background and presto! the appearance of your website will instantly improve without much effort. Patterns as backgrounds are also useful for scrapbooks, invitation cards, even business card designs.



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