20 Stunning Vanishing Point Photos

Vanishing points can be defined when the object of your photo extends so far into the distance that it simply disappears (or comes close to disappearing). Additionally, the subjects “line” can disappear in to another frame of the photo, around a corner, or in to thin air (like a rainbow). Roads, paths, and trails that disappear into the distance are the most obvious and popular choice for vanishing point photos. So here are some great examples of vanishing point photography.

stone arch bridge minneapolis mn by Dan Anderson.


wanker lane, in the rain by mugley


Infinity by vulture labs


Long Way from the Gate to the Baggage Claim by Batikart

Long Way from the Gate to the Baggage Claim

Carcinus Maenas by DanielKHC

Carcinus Maenas

Juan de Fuca Trail: Suspension Bridge by Brandon Godfrey

Juan de Fuca Trail: Suspension Bridge

When Water Meets Color by Ben Heine

When Water Meets Color

My last photo by Erroba

My last photo

The new Calatrava’s bridge and the Science Museum: Blue and Magenta series by Salva del Saz

The new Calatrava's bridge and the Science Museum: Blue and Magenta series

Tunnel to Infinity by fluxxus1

Tunnel to Infinity

Right turn off of Sweetman’s Lane by joiseyshowaa

Right turn off of Sweetman's Lane

Deep blue: Speed by manganite

Deep blue: Speed

z podebrad station by fredtougas

z podebrad station

Budapest by Panoramas


Paddington by martinturner


the rocking chair by Kris Kros

the rocking chair

Untitled by soleá


Under the Berkeley Pier by PatrickSmithPhotography


Big Ben by Scott Baldock Photography

Big Ben

Long Road in Montana by Stuck in Customs

Long Road in Montana

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