25 Remarkably Cool Packaging Designs that Automatically Sell

Packaging, when done creatively and correctly, is ultimately what sells your product. It attracts, calls for attention, sends a message, and makes appeals to consumers in a certain way. Below, I’ve put together a list of 25 Remarkably Cool Packaging Designs that Automatically Sell I’ve found on Behance, with the hope of giving you some inspiration for your own design.

Molocow Milk Package Concept by Kan Salt

Talk about a packaging idea that’s literally “out of this world”. Imedia Creative Bureau in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has come up with a quirky milk packaging concept that looks like a UFO abducting a cow. The triangular glass bottle resembles a beam of light coming out of a UFO-shaped bottle cap made of plastic.

Molocow - Milk Package Concept

Cs Light Bulbs by Angelina Pischikova

The design features the detailed illustrations of insects and special openings in the boxes that open off the light bulbs, making them an essential part of the insects’ bodies.

Cs Light Bulbs

Bite Me by Zoe Schneider

Packaging design for aggressive gum, which insults the user as they pull its teeth out.

Bite Me

Fruna by Brandlab

The final result, a very strong identity, with a very playful logo, current, but above all, a visual identity that respects the essence of the 80’s brand.


Coloreat by Backbone Branding

How can you make a child eat that one meal that’s so important and yet that he avoids having at all cost? Yes, we are indeed talking about breakfast! And given that jam is one of the most essential components of a traditional morning meal, our focus was to create with our packaging, a new, out of the box way to consume it.


Hooked by Michelle Currie

The ‘Hooked’ fish pellets set is functional, sustainable alternative package design. It offers a paper-based alternative to commonly found plastic fish food containers that takes substantially less time to decompose and does not the dangerous chemicals found in plastic creation and decomposition.

Hooked | Package Design

R.I.P by Constantin Bolimond

The project R.I.P offers unexpected point of view on the manufacture and consumption of canned meats, for the consumers. This project was developed in order rise general public awareness of what are they consuming as canned semi-ready products.


Recycling Shoe Box by Hwang Sangpil

This packaging concept is unique and so clever! By adding the function of carrier to box let users do not need to consume shopping bags and it makes the design very eco-friendly.

Recycling Shoe Box

Pretty Pills – Packaging Design by Clara Lam

This packaging concept has bold date labels that also function as pull tabs to access the pills. Users can easily read and access their medicine without any confusion.

Pretty Pills – Packaging Design

Nakama __ by FUNDAMENTAL Studio

CD package design for a Hong Kong singer Endy Chow, it is not a package only, is a time machine.

Nakama ??

Data Xmas by Ioa Duenas

DATA XMAS is a set of four chocolate’s boxes with four edible infographics that uses the design to turn data into something simple to understand. So, the clients could understand how Christmas is built and we stand out in a market as saturated as Christmas gifts.

Data Xmas

Nail Packaging by Melissa Archer

This nail package hangs from the user’s belt loop and provides easy access without reaching into a box, bag or pocket and being stabbed.

Nail Packaging

Asda – Basic Range Redesign Concept 2014 by Beth Fox-Fuller

One of the aims of this project was to make people smile when they see these products, using witty puns that relate to the food. Which will grab people’s attention and inject personality into the packaging, by giving it a voice.

Asda - Basic Range Redesign Concept 2014

“Handy Bugs” Pliers Package by Igor Mitin

Combination of beetles’ forms and pliers handles into one packaging.

Fish Club Wine by Backbone Branding

The packaging features stylized depictions of a fish silhouette with beautiful scale patterns. Three types of wines were selected (red, rose and white) and matched carefully with unique fish types. A special technique was used for printing on mirror metallic papers, which are hand-wrapped on the bottle and twisted gently. This is done just enough on the bottles to show the type of wines inside.

Fish Club Wine

Christmas Tea Packaging by Kresimir Miloloza

It encourages people to consume a hot beverage with a dear person.

Christmas Tea Packaging

Doritos Packaging Concept by Petar Pavlov

The shape and the texture of the Doritos chips are used as the base for this packaging concept. The packaging’s structure can keep the chips closed after opening.

Doritos Packaging Concept

The Humble Co. Packaging Redesign by Fulya Kuzu

The Humble Co. develops reliable health and wellness products, that are eco-friendly and socially responsible, with an innovative twist. Therefore, this packaging redesign with eco-friendly recycled polyester from PET bottles, thus process reduces landfill, besides less soil contamination, air and water pollution.

The Humble Co. Packaging Redesign

Earphones Packaging by Adamantia Chatzivasileiou

Music is a powerful form of expression, which has led many of its genres to the development of truly unique visual identities. The design of the ‘Vibes’ packaging enables the consumer to express hers and his own unique style when choosing earphones.

Vibes | Earphones Packaging

Sapore Di Nonna by Breno Cardoso

This unique packaging is designed in the shape of a rolling pin and the caps are actually the spice bottles for easy cooking.

Sapore Di Nonna - Packaging

Vinyl Moon by Marylou Faure

The aim was to create a colourful, playful scenery that would represent the summery feeling you get when listening to the disc.

Vinyl Moon

Typographic Chocolate by Christian Jung

The aim of the course was to create a product with typographic reference for the Museum of Letters Berlin.

Typographic Chocolate

Japanese Fika Packaging Project by Hanna Simu

The idea was to create packaging and visual concept for Japanese senbei cookies and green tea on a Swedish market. The hexagon shape stands for communication and balance, inspired by nature. Nature is also the inspiration for the pattern with mountains, winds blowing, rivers flowing and fields of tea and rice. The cookie box serves as protection for the cookies as well as a servingtray. Also, it’s great fun to play around with. The prototypes are cut and constructed by hand. Collaboration between Maja Ahlund, Alma Lindström, Hanna Simu and Emma Waleij.

Saikai - Japanese Fika Packaging Project

Kirei Towel Packaging Design by Hannah Jor

A towel’s purpose is to clean. Expanding on this key strength, the towel is packaged in a pencil with the eraser portion left open to display the towel which is acting as the “eraser.” These can be sold as individual items or as a pack of colourful pencil crayons. Let’s erase the blemish off your face!

Kirei Towel Packaging Design

Socks Packaging For Captain Cotton by Marcel Sheishenov

This project features packaging that shows socks where they usually are found, in shoes. The series includes men’s shoes, women’s shoes, teenagers’ shoes and sports shoes.

Socks Packaging For Captain Cotton

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