40 Excellent Modal Window UI Designs

Modal windows, overlays, dialog boxes, light boxes, call them what you want, are UI elements that sit on top of an application`s main window. They can be used for confirmations, important alerts, and other things that require additional user input. They are an effective user interface element when you design and use them right. So in this post I`ve put together 40 Excellent Modal Window UI Designs for Inspiration.

LayerSlider by kreatura

 LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

UI Patterns – Settings by Virgil Pana

UI Patterns - Settings

InVision Tours! by Billy Kiely

InVision Tours!

UISuMo user dashboard by Divan Raj

UISuMo user dashboard

Modal iteration by Kerem Suer

Modal iteration

Territy Welcoming Screen. WIP by Olia Gozha

Territy Welcoming Screen. WIP

Team Card by Charlie Waite

Team Card

Create New Project by Mandeep Kundu

Create New Project

Popup – Dailyui by Goutham

Popup - Dailyui

Edit Collection by Farzad Ban

Edit Collection

Upload Files Popup / UI Challenge — Week 01 by Mario Šestak

Upload Files Popup / UI Challenge — Week 01

Profile/Contact PopUp UI by Pavel Poloskov

Profile/Contact PopUp UI

Order Successfully Placed message by Hareesh

Order Successfully Placed message

Skala Preview by jokinL

Skala Preview - Popup :: Daily UI challenge #016

FlexBalancer Billing Add New Card by Artyom Brizgalov

FlexBalancer Billing Add New Card

Sign Up Form—Daily UI by James Lutley

Sign Up Form—Daily UI #001

Guided Tour Hints by Ayana Campbell Smith

Guided Tour Hints

Subscribe by vivek unni

Popup subscribe

Trello Atlassian – Visibility by Michal Parulski

Trello Atlassian - Visibility

Overlay Module by Olia Gozha

Overlay Module

Payment Popup by Mammad Emin

Payment Popup

Currently In-Stock by Sergiu Radu

Currently In-Stock - Day 96 #dailyui

Confirm Reservation by Ennio Dybeli

Confirm Reservation - Day 054 #dailyui

Leads Growing solution web Landing Page by Rono

Leads Growing solution web Landing Page

Day 073 – Account Settings by Paul Flavius Nechita

Day 073 - Account Settings

Expiration for.. by Shaun Moynihan

Expiration for..

Day 099 – Message Notification by Paul Flavius Nechita

Day 099 - Message Notification

Simple modal [wip] by Frantisek Kusovsky

Simple modal [wip]

New Project – Krt Dashboard by Goutham

New Project - Krt Dashboard

Seeker Pattern by Hayden Bleasel

Seeker Pattern

Onboarding modals for first time user by Oykun Yilmaz

Onboarding modals for first time user

Books Discount Modal by Lucija Frljak

Books Discount Modal

Order Confirmation Exploration by Lumen Bigott

Order Confirmation Exploration

Money, Money, Moneaaayyy! by Brian Hoff

Money, Money, Moneaaayyy!

Redeem coupon by Oleg Frolov

Redeem coupon

Member Only Modal by Tomasz Zagórski

Member Only Modal

Hustle Modal UI by Jeremy Vessey

Hustle Modal UI

Neonmob Piece Detail by Rogie

Neonmob Piece Detail

Asking Permissions by Vlad Ponomarenko

Asking Permissions

Oh snap by Steph Reverdy

Oh snap


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    Thanks for the collection I really like some of them.

  2. Kirubanandan Swaminathansays:

    Really liked the collection

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