25 Excellent Examples Of Minimal Geometry Photography

Minimal Geometry Photography strive to give a new perspective on lines, symmetries, patterns and other qualities that are often overlooked in a busy world where our sight is overwhelmed with objects, colours, and a million other things. It usually provides an innovative way of looking at what might seem dull and boring at the first sight. By using geometry and cropping, photographs of architecture can often convey different feelings. Today, I`d like to bring you some inspiration and share 25 Excellent Examples Of Minimal Geometry Photography.

Skymetric by Lino Russo


Farbraum by Nick Frank


Lines by Sebastian Weiss


Reflexiones by Matthias Heiderich


Singularity I by Florian W. Mueller

Singularity I

space & beyond by Nick Frank

space & beyond

Kaleidoscope on the 8 hills by Ekaterina Busygina

Kaleidoscope on the 8 hills

Temptations by Nick Frank


Frederiksvej Kindergarden by Kim Holtermand

Frederiksvej Kindergarden

Geometrie by Paolo Pettigiani


Unknown Geometries by Giorgio Stefanoni

Unknown Geometries

urban fragments by Mariyan Atanasov

urban fragments

Socialism. Perspective by Andrei Lacatusu

Socialism. Perspective

SHAPEGUARD / Miami Rescue Towers by Paolo Pettigiani

SHAPEGUARD / Miami Rescue Towers

Spektrum Eins by Matthias Heiderich

Spektrum Eins

Secrets by Jeanette Hagglund


The Modern World 1 by Andreas Levers

The Modern World 1

Orange Square by d-Arkroom

Orange Square

Intersection by Jeanette Hagglund


Casa das Mudas by Nuno Serrão

Casa das Mudas

GEOMETRIA by Birgit Schlosser


Concrete by Alessandro Barattelli


Reduced to the max II by Kevin Krautgartner

Reduced to the max II

VISIONS by Benoit Paille


Stacked by Malte Brandenburg


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