25 Mind-blowing Distorted Typography Designs

Being a creative designer is often about coming up with unique design solutions. Distorting type in any way, whether it be stretching, squeezing, or slanting, is breaking the laws of typography. It distorts the proportions in a way that destroys the integrity of the letter shapes. It can also reduce legibility by creating a fun-house effect. So in this post we are going to showcase some examples of distorted typography created by amazing designers who broke the rules of typography with outstanding results.

Glitch Type by Nevan Doyle

Glitch Type

Nordic Black Theatre by Umer Ahmed

Nordic Black Theatre

Saggy Stone by MUTI

Saggy Stone

Op Art And Typography by Ivan Castro

Op Art And Typography – Experiments

Retrospective Olfactive by Pierre Larrat

Retrospective Olfactive

Artworks 2016 by Atelier Irradie

Artworks 2016

It Was All A Dream by Ben Johnston

It Was All A Dream

Mtv Mam by Andres Rossi

Mtv Mam

Distort Circus by Emily Short

istort Circus

True To The Eyes by Cyla Costa

True To The Eyes

Thirty Typographic Posters by Fatih Hardal

Thirty Typographic Posters

Fast Company — 100 Most Creative People 2018 by Mohamed Samir

Fast Company — 100 Most Creative People 2018

Week Of Our Water by Thomas & Jurgen

Week Of Our Water

Salmos by Diego Moratalla

Salmos  Booklet

Asics Tiger – Whatthegel by Federico Leggio

Asics Tiger - Whatthegel

Feminism For Dummies by Marta Cerda

Feminism For Dummies

Poster Collection Vol.4 by Mark Posvak

Poster Collection Vol.4

Ghost Typography by Olympe Le Dourner

Ghost Typography

Glass Animals Tour by Lauren Hakmiller

Glass Animals Tour

International Creative Pattern Design Competition 2018 by transwhite studio

International Creative Pattern Design Competition 2018

Through A Glass Darkly Identity by P.A. G.D.

Through A Glass Darkly Identity

Hallmark Birthday 2017 by Cory Say

Hallmark Birthday 2017

Magazine Covers by Made Up

Magazine Covers

Next Level by Leonardoworx

Next Level

A-trak ‘In The Loop’ by DIA Studio

A-trak In The Loop

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