33 Cool Holographic & Iridescent Designs

Who doesn`t love the multi-toned look of a holographic design? It almost looks like it`s coming out of the actual design, and the look of several dimensions makes design look literally out of this world! So while it`s still glamorous and mesmerizing, here are 33 Cool Holographic & Iridescent Designs that add an interesting visual stimulus that grabs and holds the eye for inspiration.

SCHEMA by liujiayun


Arts and Music Flyer Poster by RetroBox

Arts and Music Flyer Poster

Neostalgia by Mustafa Akulker


Arrangements of type with colour by Pato Faggi

arrangements of type with colour

Planet gradient by Edoardo Benaglia

HoloH - Planet gradient

EP COVER by Calixte Patissier


Dandelion air Chocolate by cheeer STUDIO

Dandelion air Chocolate

Love letter to another girl by Liron Ashkenazi Eldar

Love letter to another girl

Rainbow Paper Series by MACHINEAST –

Rainbow Paper Series

Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation by Rachel Roth

Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation

Soul Scapes / Branding by MAI CREATIVE

Soul Scapes / Branding

GIST by Anagrama Studio


Holography. by Daniel Barkle


Save the date 2017 by Balmer Hählen

Save the date 2017

NeuroTribes by Tsai Chia-Hao


ILNP by Marcin Usarek

I L N P / boutique cosmetics

Bring Barkle Aboard by Daniel Barkle

Bring Barkle Aboard

DIAMOND Tower by Alex Reuter


24 Frames Exhibition by Liyang Chang

24 Frames Exhibition

Quererlo by Firmalt ·


Halog Cosmetics by Katerina Petridou

Halog Cosmetics

Pink and holographic by Alexia ROUX

Pink and holographic

Joaquin Homs by Anagrama Studio

Joaquin Homs

Jade Clark by Danielle Muntyan

Jade Clark

Chromatic Experiences by Rodrigo Morales Solano

Chromatic Experiences

Dalila by Dalila Zewdie


Looks of Tela Ann by Ronnie Alley

Looks of Tela Ann

BWA Wroclaw winter brochure by Mateusz Zieleniewski

BWA Wroclaw winter brochure

Simple Machines by Dogukan Karapinar

Simple Machines

Abstractions by Mohamed Samir

Abstractions — Vol. 01

Dawn Creative Identity by Dawn Creative

Dawn Creative Identity

Baugasm – Best of Year 2 by Vasjen Katro

Baugasm - Best of Year 2

Project Charisma Full Version by Ken Lo

Project Charisma Full Version

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