4 Free WordPress Theme-Options-Frameworks

Here are 4 Free Theme Options Frameworks for those wanting to add an options page to their WordPress themes.

Options Framework Theme

The Options Frameworks makes it easy to include a full featured options panel in any WordPress theme. It’s free to use in both commercial and personal projects, just like WordPress itself.


Options Framework Theme



It’s an extension of the popular Options Framework for WordPress by Devin Price.


The UpThemes Framework


One of interesting features this framework offers is Typography manager. The typography manager makes it easy to implement almost 200 fonts from Google’s Web Font API into your theme with no coding required! Similar to the way Typekit works, the UpThemes Framework allows you to easily target CSS selectors and select one of 200 fonts and a load of other style options like font weight, size, style, and much more! The best part is, it’s all very lightweight and scalable to ensure no major impact to your web server’s load times.

The UpThemes Framework

NHP Theme Options Framework


Simple, easy to use, very extendable Options framework for WP themes.



  1. Dovy Paukstyssays:

    NHP just merged with ReduxFramework. May want to update your article. wordpress.org/plugins/redux-framework/

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