30 Cool Tumblr Themes

There is no doubt Tumblr is taking off when it comes to personal blogging. As well as dozens of amazing free themes available you might want to set your blog apart with a premium custom theme. Here are 30 easy to install, setup and use themes for Tumblr.


This theme was designed especially to showcase your beautiful pictures in high resolution!


Download 3xistence →


Minimalistic and adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, without clutter.

Focus - A Minimalistic Tumblr Theme

Download Focus →


Very clean, minimalistic and responsive Tumblr theme made for the power blogger. It supports all post types and is made for any type of Tumblr blogger, whether you’re a writer or a photo blogger, this theme will make your content look awesome.

UltraMnml - Clean & Responsive Tumblr Theme

Download UltraMnml →


Adaptive Tumblr theme which includes a Grid based Index Page which is great to use as a portfolio for a Illustrator.

Fredrik - An Adaptive Tumblr Theme

Download Fredrik – An Adaptive Tumblr Theme →


Responsive Tumblr theme perfect for any blog type featuring the Masonry jQuery plugin. Showcase your artwork with complete focus on the post.

Optic Responsive Tumblr Theme

Download Optic →


A Minimal & Light theme for tumblr. Comes with multiple features and options including an image slider & A Header Text block.


Download Tumblair →


Suitable for any type of Tumblog. From photography to business. It is a great starting block for developers, designers and bloggers of any skill level. Glide comes packed full of features and more get added with every update.

Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme

Download Glide →


Tumblr theme which provides a classy and clean experience especially for pictures blogs.

Neat Tumblr Theme

Download Neat →


Premium Tumblr Theme that was designed to view your tumblog as timelines. This is a personal theme that’s suitable in use for people who have an active and enjoyable life.

Timeline tumblr theme

Download Timeline →


It is perfect for a freelancer, agency or business portfolio. Perception features a snippet of the posts content on the home page so more can be seen at one time.

Vision Tumblr Theme

Download Vision →


Tumblr theme with 3 column layouts and unlimited color scheme control, suitable for displaying your artworks and articles.


Download POPCASE →


This is simple and aesthetic Tumblr theme.

Pandemonium Magazine - Tumblr

Download Pandemonium →


Perfect for anything from a portfolio, personal blog, group blog or business blog. It features an image slider to showcase your best work, which can optionally be switched off if you would prefer not to have one.

Rapture Tumblr Theme

Download Rapture Tumblr Theme →


Clean, minimal and beautiful Tumblr Theme using the Masonry effect as well as optional Endless scrolling.

Domericano - Minimal Tumblr Blog / Portfolio Theme

Download Domericano →


The Shift Tumblr theme is ideal for any blog, from a personal blog to portfolios! The image slider allows you to showcase your favourite images or best portfolio work.

Shift Tumblr Theme

Download Shift →

Squared Magazine

The first true Magazine / News Theme for Tumblr.Squared Magazine was designed to give your Tumblog a real Magazine feel and look with all the popular Magazine Functions, like “Latest Articles” Widget and “Related Posts” Widget, while still beeing perfectly suitable for a blog.

Squared Magazine - Tumblr News / Magazine Theme

Download Squared Magazine →


Premium tumblr portfolio theme designed to be as clean as possible in order to let your work take the stage.It is suitable for all kind of creative portfolios as well as for small businesses.

Cleanfolio - A Clean Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Download Cleanfolio →


It brings with it the next evolution in web technology: movement. This theme emphasises a unique, crisp and hi-tech look to your blog with a whole host of customisation options. One of the niftiest functions included, is the ability to upload your own background and watch it scroll automatically; To get your started, this theme is packaged with 4 Bokeh (Bubbles) backgrounds along with the PSD file to play around with.

Essentia - 2 in 1 Tumblr Theme

Download Essentia →


Simple yet powerful Gothic-style Tumblr theme with rich capabilities for configuring and customization. You will be able to change it beyond recognition in few minutes, even if you do not have any skills in design and HTML .


Download GothicDream →

All Down the Line

This Theme is designed for those people you want a Mini vCard Site and use Tumblr as plataform.

All Down the Line: A Mini vCard site for Tumblr

Download All Down the Line →


Tumblr theme that beautifully merges design and function. Emphasizing your latest entry, this theme has a customisable layout and even supports popular social media services.


Download Elegantem →

Desire Tumblr Theme

It uses all the latest features from Tumblr. It is perfect for any type of blog be it for a professional business, creative portfolio or a personal blog.

Desire Tumblr Theme

Download Desire Tumblr Theme →

Fanfarron Theme

Fanfarron theme its a elegant and very customizable theme for Tumblr, supports all tumblr features.

Fanfarron Theme

Download Fanfarron Theme →


This is a 2 in 1 minimalist Tumblr theme with EXTENSIVE customization options. This theme puts the focus on your content and makes it look awesome as well. In addition, we’ve developed it in such a way that you get to take control of virtually every aspect of the theme; from colors and background images to font shadows and social media.

Minimus Tumblr Theme - 2 in 1

Download Minimus →


Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators.

Litefolio - portfolio theme for Tumblr

Download Litefolio →


Clean and elegant gallery theme with subtle grunge background texture and custom typography. It’s best suited for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase their work in the best possible way, but can be used as a web gallery or any other site where images take central part.

Gallera - Photo Gallery/Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

Download Gallera →


Minimal but robust Portfolio for Tumblr.

Meteoro 2028: A new Tumblr Portfolio

Download Meteoro →


It is designed to be lightweight and minimal but also high impact ad customizable.This theme is coded in html5 + css3 and every functionality of Tumblr is supported.


Download Monocromo →

Time Goes Back

Clean and functional Tumblr portfolio you will love this theme.

Time Goes Back: A Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Download Time Goes Back →


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