75 Best Business & Services Web Design Templates

Having a good-looking and easy-to-use website is a must-have for any business today. Taking business online provides site owner with many benefits, including much broader audience and new ways of presenting the products and services to potential customers. So in this post we collected 75 best HTML templates for building a better business & service website that will engage customers.

90 Best Business Website Templates 2013

Many new businesses and organizations don’t have enough money to pay for a web designer, so their option is to search for some business website templates. When one doesn’t know where exactly to start searching, it’s difficult to find anything at all. In this post we have selected great website templates for your business and while they are not free business website templates they will offer a source of inspiration and a starting point for future searches.

70 Cool Website Templates For Artists Photographers & Designers

It is so important for designers, photographers & artists to have an online portfolio in today’s marketing. When seeking for new jobs, it’s an easy way to prove to potential clients why they should hire you over other candidates. So here are 70 cool portfolio websites to help you become a professional show off, in the best possible way.

24 Free Responsive Website HTML Templates

Today’s websites are not only viewed on traditional sized monitors but tablets, phones and wide screen devices. For this reason it is now more important then ever for a website to adapt to the media it is being displayed on. There are hundreds of online resources to help get you started with responsive web design. Below are just a few examples of websites offering free responsive web templates.