25 Website Designs with Amusing Ripple Effect

Material Design has been extremely popular for many years and one of the coolest effects it introduced was the ripple effect that provides an attractive visual feedback to the user when an element is clicked. This ripple effects are similar to the ripples you get when you touch a liquid surface, or when you drop a rock into a lake. So if you are looking for inspiration to add cool animation effects for web design project, here are some creative website designs that give an amusing ripple effect when you move cursor over the images or scroll the pages.

22 Creative Product Page Design Examples

A product page is where you can add your product images, product description, price and so on. It plays an important role in making your customers take the ultimate decision on whether to buy or not. So if you are looking for inspiration to create or enhance your product page experience to increase ecommerce conversions, here in this post we`ve collected 22 Creative Product Page Design Examples.

34 Pure CSS Button Ideas & Inspiration 2019

Buttons are interactive elements that every website has and they are an essential part of every web page. Button is very useful when you want to drive Call to Action on most pages or make a file available to download. That`s why it`s crucial to have well-designed buttons and inviting to users throughout your site, so you get users clicking around more. Although it looks like a very simple UI element, its design has changed a lot over the past decades. So in this post we`ve put together 34 Pure CSS Button Ideas & Inspiration 2019 to create effective buttons.