50 Excellent Dark Background Web UI Designs

Dark colors are usually associated with elegance and mystery. Moreover, black is often associated with elegance, formality, prestige, and power. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why many powerful brands build their visual presentation around black-and-white scheme with dark dominating and light presenting and informing the recipient. So if you are looking for inspiration for design solutions which using dark background as a basis of color scheme, here are 50 Excellent Dark Background Web UI Designs to inspire you.

22 Websites With Super Big & Bold Typography Navigation Menu

By now the term hamburger menu is something we are all familiar with. This little element has been one of the bigger trends in website navigation design this year. So here are 22 Websites With Super Big & Bold Typography Navigation Menu that try something a little different when it comes to finding information on their sites.

22 Free Online Shopping and E-Commerce Icon Sets

The effectiveness of any ecommerce design comes down to its ability to clearly communicate with its users. Whether you`re building a new website, a new app, or a dashboard, you can`t do without great icons. Icons are a good option for designers looking to provide users with a greater sense of guidance when interacting with their ecommerce site. That’s why we`ve put together 22 Free Online Shopping and E-Commerce Icon Sets that you can use in your website design. These icons ranges in all styles i.e. Flat, Line, Solid, Colored outline, etc and comes in all sizes.

25 Websites With Killer Scroll Transition

Scrolling transition effects are becoming more and more popular as a means of increasing interaction and user interest. They are a powerful way to enhance and delight user experiences. Choosing the right transition between pages can enhance visual impact in digital storytelling. The main purpose of transitions is to create a natural demonstration that something has changed. So in this post I`ve put together 25 Websites With Killer Scroll Transition. Be inspired by this collection of animations triggered on scroll.

32 Amazing Surfing Website UI Designs

Creating surfing websites is a challenge as you need to have a fresh energetic looking layout with a lot of content to deal with and it becomes a task of keep that with everything else kept very simple yet dynamic. Surfing websites are usually using bright and bold colors. These color palettes can bring energy, friendliness, and vibrancy to a design. So if you are in need of unique and interesting sport web designs, here are 32 Surfing Website UI Designs for inspiration.

46 Astonishing Isometric Illustrations In Web Design

Illustrations have come to the forefront of web design, helping to show the messages companies want to tell. Isometric illustrations are all over the web, and for good reason – they offer a unique perspective which communicates concepts and ideas easily. These illustrations visually represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, which makes them great for technical illustrations, retro-inspired design, and city scenes. So in this post we`ve collected 46 Astonishing Isometric Illustrations In Web Design for inspiration.