Cool 3D Parallax Wallpapers For iOS7

With iOS 7 Apple has introduced a cool new 3D parallax wallpaper effect. Although this isn’t nothing more than eye-candy that will decrease your battery life, it still looks cool for about 5 seconds and you should have some fun with it. If you’re looking for free 3d parallax wallpapers, here are sites that you can check out. Enjoy!

15 Awesome Typography Wallpapers

It sounds like you’re looking for a typography-based wallpaper design. While I can’t provide images directly, I can certainly describe some ideas for typography-inspired wallpapers. Typography is one of the most important factors in design. Typography is inspiring for people for all careers and it’s becoming more popular daily. If you’re like me and enjoy having a nice desktop wallpaper, you may enjoy these 15 awesome typography wallpapers.

20 Stunningly Beautiful Dual Screen Wallpapers

If you have two monitors side by side, how about making the most out of them. For starters get yourself a cool dual screen wallpaper, something cool that stretches across two monitor screens. Here are 20 Stunningly Beautiful Dual Screen Wallpapers, something that really spice up your desktop.

17 Gorgeous Sunset Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers suggestions are always welcome since sometimes we don’t have time to browse to find one, so we check on the suggestions available at our favorite websites! We know that we can find tons of great wallpapers online to choose from, but here we selected 17 Gorgeous Sunset Wallpapers to inspire you.

Collection Of Free Wallpapers 2012

Updating our desktop computers’ wallpapers could help us all be inspired and be reminded that numbers go on like the years and the days of every month just like our lives and our dreams. Here are collection of free wallpapers 2012.

55 Amazing Fractal Wallpapers

Fractal Art is a subclass of the digital art. Usually fractal generator softwares, like the fractal explorer are used to create this kind of art. There is a discussion ongoing if one can say that fractal art is actually art. Most artists have the argument, that when you perform fractal art it is just putting together some mathematical formulas, not creating original stuff using ones brain.

300 Free Wallpapers For The Retina iPad

What good is the Retina display on your new iPad if you can’t make it pop with some awesome images? We searched around for some of the best wallpapers people have come up with so far for the new iPad. You’ll find a download link below each image.