25 Examples Of Websites Using Duotone Effect

Duotone effect creates an atmosphere of style and brings in a strong vibe for the brand. Duotones are not about using two colours that are contrasting to each other, it’s mainly about powerful, beautiful, oversaturated hues that are almost fluorescent. In recent years web designers have started using duotones for aesthetic reasons. What was once something that was done out of necessity, is now done because it looks cool. So in this post we’ve gathered 25 examples of websites that use duotone effect to give images and videos a sensual and expressive feel.

20 Vibrant & Colorful WordPress Themes

Having the right color scheme on your website is crucial in attaining a professional, high quality site that is well-received by visitor. The use of bright colors have always been able to grab visitor attention and they effect a websites appearance by making its overall appearance fun, youthful, cheery and modern. So if you’re going to rely on color to grab the attention of your visitors, here is collection of colorful & vibrant WordPress themes that make great use of strong color.