40 Best Mobile App Onboarding UI Examples

The onboarding process is essentially a series of screens that guide users through the app’s interface and functions. Onboarding is indeed a very important step of your users’ journey on your app, as it is that first point of contact with your app. It starts right after user launches your app for the first time. Onboarding screen is a perfect place for you to show your product key features, promote latest changes & features and its value. So here are 40 Best Mobile App Onboarding UI Examples for inspiration to make the perfect first impression on users.

33 Excellent User Flow Examples For Inspiration

The better you facilitate the user moving from start to finish on a particular process – the easier the product is to work with and the more likely that you are to deliver an awesome user experience. A Userflow is a sequence of steps the user needs to take in order to accomplish a task inside an application or a website. It is a tool created to improve the product user experience and it is also a good tool to show developers how the product works. So in this post we`ve collected 33 Excellent User Flow Examples that you can use as inspiration for organising them into a sitemap or user flow.