35 Outstanding Brutalist Typography Designs For Inspiration

Touted as one of the web design trends of 2018, Brutalism has been growing in popularity. Brutalism is characterised by a raw, unpolished look, clashing colours, non-traditional layouts. While the world seems to be striving for fancy fonts, pleasing palletes and perfect placement, Brutalist design goes against the grain and sticks out like a sore thumb. So in this post we`ve collected 35 examples of typography designs with brutalist concepts for inspiration.

25 Cool 3D Hand-Lettering Typography Designs

Hand lettering is hot! They can be used on signboards, covers of magazines or books, as logos, titles and headings and everything that needs attention or impression. Hand lettered designs often look more lively and bouncy than their typographic counterparts. You can enhance this dynamism even further by incorporating 3D elements into your hand lettering. Adding shadows, folds, and gradients makes designs pop and gives them a particularly contemporary, fresh look. So in this post I`ve collected 20 cool examples of 3D Hand-Lettering Typography Designs for inspiration.

40 Amazing Album Cover Designs

Music is one of the most powerful tools in the world that people use for achieving the various goal. Album Cover Design is often what will grab a new fan`s attention, and help them to decide whether or not to pick up CD or look at musician profile. So if you`re struggling to come up with a new idea for album cover design, here are 40 Amazing Album Cover Designs for inspiration.

Big & Bold Typography In Email Newsletter Design : 27 Examples

Typography is one of the most important components in email design since it will render across email and webmail clients. Typography helps to create an experience for the reader before they even click on a button and big & bold typography makes a message powerful. So in this post we`ve collected some examples of Big & Bold Typography In Email Newsletter Design that grab attention readers.

25 Astonishing Liquid Typography Designs To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

It is crucial to keep up with the typography trends because it is the basic part of every single project. So if you are looking for a cool way to pack a punch to your designs, liquid is an interesting take on typography and it makes use of visual highlights when you see liquid pooling. It can be used in a 3D or 2D way combining font pairings with liquid traits from ink to paint. So here are 25 Liquid Typography Designs that inspire and excite us to keep our creative juices flowing.

20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools 2018

The typography of a website plays an integral role in the user experience of a site–just as much as other elements. A good typography is something lively for all websites as they are the communication medium. So here are 20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools that will hopefully make for a less stressful design process when it comes to creating, choosing, tweaking, organizing and identifying type.