22 Free Tools for Working with SVG

When it comes to images, graphics and visual content, there is one file format that is going to take off eventually – SVG. It is a file format that allows you to display vector images on your website. This means that you can scale an SVG image up and down as needed without losing any quality, making it a great choice for responsive web design. In this post, we`ve put together collection of useful free tools for working with SVG files.

20 Best Free Email Frameworks & Editors

The nice thing about email is that it`s basically HTML from `90s. And it is still stuck in the `90s, with everything from table nesting to client-specific CSS properties. There are so many HTML and CSS features you can`t use. For web designers, this used to be a really big pain. Email HTML frameworks and editors provide a set of tools to ease this development process. So here are 20 Best Free Email Frameworks & Editors that will save you a headache and a lot of hours.

25 Best Free Image Tools For Photographer & Designer

Photography has been an indispensable part of web design, and a great image can do wonders for capturing a reader`s attention. From adding effects to creating collage layouts, image editing tools are important for you to enhance photos. Here is a list of 25 Best Free Image Tools For Photographer & Designer you can use to enhance your photos.

21 Useful Image, Text & Data Placeholders

When developing websites you might not always have real content to use in the building stage. That`s why web designers and developers often use placeholders to help with the design process. Placeholders give designers an idea of how their client`s website will look before the final content is available. So in this post we`ve put together 21 Useful Image, Text & Data Placeholders to help you visualize how a website or an app will look even though the actual content is not yet available.