10 Javascript Tools To Create Dummy Data That Make Sense

Tool for generating mock data but valid data comes in handy in app development, where you need to work with databases. Filling in the database by hand is a time-consuming and tedious process. It gets really complicated when you need to create a database with a thousand users. So in this we`ve gathered some useful Javascript tools to create a lot of fake data that makes sense.

18 Free Pixel Perfect Website Design Tools

Pixel perfect design is that you are creating a design with pixels in your mind and implementing the same design down to every pixel on the screen as the referenced design. Making a website that is perfect to a pixel level requires time and effort, so here are 18 Free Pixel Perfect Website Design Tools that will help you to create a pixel perfect UI design.

20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools 2018

The typography of a website plays an integral role in the user experience of a site–just as much as other elements. A good typography is something lively for all websites as they are the communication medium. So here are 20 Useful Free Web Typography Tools that will hopefully make for a less stressful design process when it comes to creating, choosing, tweaking, organizing and identifying type.