41 PSD Brochure Mock-up Templates

Mockup is a model of design used to demonstrate or upgrade the original design we want to present. Mockups were not so popular in past months but now they are essential need for designers. Designers made their design and everybody knows that it’s a time taking process and when they design is ready they need a definite presentation to show their clients. So here are 41 PSD Brochure mock-up templates to showcase your design with class.

50 Professional HTML Resume Templates

Resume / CV have traditionally been sheets of paper that reflects you professionally to seek an employment. However, with the technical advancement, one can portray themselves in a more creative angle. Also, having a personal resume webpage makes it easier for potential employers to find and access your resume online. So here we list out 50 professional HTML resume templates, which would be helpful for you.

9 Websites To Download Free Responsive HTML Website Templates

When we talk about responsive website we talk about a website layout that is coded so as to respond to the current device that is being used. Using CSS media queries we change website appearance by using pre-defined CSS mark-up for the current device that is in use.If a person is currently using a smartphone to view your website, the CSS uses the pre-set styling for that devices viewport size. So to make your life easier we bring to you 9 websites to download more than 300 free high quality responsive HTML website templates. All the free HTML website templates are elegantly made with mobile-friendly.

36 Stunning HTML Website Templates For Photographers

I see many talented photographers who only use Facebook or other social media outlets as their portfolio. This is the worst thing you can do for your business and yourself. This is selling yourself cheap, under rated, and you look nothing but an amateur with a camera. Take it seriously or move on to other hobbies. Have online portfolio. That means you need to showcase your talent to the fullest. There are millions of other photographers who are eager to take your customers so spare none. Your portfolio should be nicest, greatest, and most complete part of your website. In this post, I have handpicked some of the best free and premium photography website templates available right now.

50 InDesign & PSD Magazine Cover & Layout Templates

A great magazine cover attracts the reader with alluring images and solid display; the perfect blend of editorial and design that makes the magazine such a unique and special medium. So here are 50 Great Magazine Cover & Layout Templates made with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Everything is laid out for you, just swap your own photos and text and you are ready to print. All the hard work is done for you, so get these templates to make your life that much easier.

20 Creative Invoice & Proposal Template Designs

I’m convinced that an invoice is necessary in case you would like to get payment for your work. The invoice is a legally enforceable document to ensure that the payment on a particular good or service is made by a vendor. Invoices will also help you keep track of your payments and finances overall. It is much easier to see who needs to get for what type of work you’ve done, and how much money you bring to your company.

Looking professional can be key to the an aspiring freelancer’s success. Many people think the freelance lifestyle is all about sandals and napping but in actuality putting across a professional image is vitally important for retaining clients. Nobody is going to recommission the guy who sent his invoice on the back of a napkin.