30 Cool Neumorphism UI Design Examples

Many people say that neumorphism will become a UI trend in 2020 and will create a new impact in the world of UI design. Neumorphism is cool, unique, innovative especially if combined with some UI elements that already exist it will create significant impact. It is a visual style, that uses cast inner and outer shadows to give the illusion of extruded shapes. It’s a raised shape made from the exact same material as the background. Like most design trends, Neumorphism is yet another beautiful approach to design user interfaces that look soft and easy on the eye. So in this post we’ve gathered 30 Cool Neumorphism UI Design Examples for inspiration.

27 Amazing CSS Skeuomorphic Designs

Most of us remember a time before flat design, when user interfaces did not consist of minimalist icons and bright colours, but objects designed to look very much like their physical counterparts. This mimicry was a design trend known as skeuomorphism. Skeuomorphic design means making visuals and images look like a realistic imitation of real life objects, by using shadows, gradients, bevels and 3D-effects. Every trend sooner or later is changed by a new one and skeuomorphic design was substituted by a flat design, which is focused on simplicity and which in a way solved the problem of loading times and responsiveness.

60 Skeuomorphic Icon Designs

Skeuomorphic design is where you take a real life object and replicate it in a digital environment to signify to the user the intended use or purpose. I have read multiple articles on-line that say that the era of Skeuomorphic design on the web is over, and that a new era of so-called ‘flat design’ is now the new thing for developers, but do users really like the ‘flat design‘ ?