15 Cool vCard WordPress Themes

Here are cool wordpress vCard themes that will help you to quickly create a website under your name, and offer useful informations like your social account links, your previous work and most important it shows your creativity.

26 CV Resume Designs That Recruiters Will Love

Are you having a tough time getting your resume to look good? It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you want to make yours perfect enough to get you an interview. Here is a selection of great resume examples which will give you some ideas you can use to create your own resume.

11 Free PSD & HTML Resume Templates

Resume is very important for s person who is looking for a job. Good resume really gives good impression to a company where you were going to apply for a job. Following post include the PSD & HTML resume templates for your professional resume.

20 Best Resume Templates

Most people will tell you not to use a resume template, but the fact is that most people do. It’s a quick and easy way to create a resume, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: the content. The downside is that your resume will look like all the rest. Fortunately, there’s a balance, if you know how to use these templates resourcefully.

35 Best Online CV Resume Templates

A CV or Curriculum Vitae should tell the story of your achievements, skills, job history, and education. Use it to market yourself as well as possible. Put as much effort into it as you would if you were marketing a product or service. Having an online resume can be a great way to advertise your skills and availability for work to potential employers. Here 35 online CV / Resume templates that can be used to create your own resume.

30 Great Examples Of Creative CV Resume Design

Designing resume have always been a difficult process for me. There is too much information to show in a smaller area. Also, we need to consider too many factors while designing our resume. CV / Resume will require you thinking through your skills, abilities, experience and achievements. It is important to remember that your CV should act as a ‘tickler’. It must contain enough information for the potential employer to make a preliminary assessment of your suitability to the position and, more importantly, it must motivate the reader to interview you and find out more about your experiences, achievements and potential.