19 Awesome Geometric Brochure Designs

Geometric design trend that’s all over the place at the moment; we’re seeing it in web design, print design, multimedia, fine art. So here are awesome brochure designs using mainly geometric elements with thoughtful color placement and blending.

30 Cool Creative Business Card Design Ideas 2014

The business card is seen by many as an unfortunate necessity for these busy networking times we live in. However, there’s no reason why you can’t get a little creative, make yourself stand out from the crowd and spread a little fun. This post is an inspiration for all you creatives to step up your game, either by getting things made or by making them yourselves.

45 Remarkable Food & Drink Menu Designs

A menu represents your culinary skills and tells your customers what you are about. It conveys your personality, the restaurants brand and it should leave an impression on your customers that will make them want to come back often. The menu should also speak to the type experience that you want your guests to have when dining. So here are 45 brilliant examples of food & drink menu designs that got it right…