25 Outstanding Horizontal Scrolling Photography WordPress Themes

A well-designed horizontal photography website can catch people`s attention, cause them to want to look a little longer, and make them to fiddle around with your site more than others. It essentially has the ability to streamline the user`s attention in a way that vertical design typically does not manage to do. So if you are looking for the photography website template to showcase your photography, here are 25 Horizontal Scrolling Photography WordPress Themes to build a strong representation of your photography work.

21 Fantastic Split Screen Portfolio WordPress Themes

Split-screen designs are a fun, functional, and responsive way to create an engaging design. The split screen web components split into two or more equal vertical columns to showcase two or more messages at once. This is useful in showcasing the portfolios where you can position your brand identity in the one section and demonstrate all your work in the other one. So here are 21 Fantastic Split Screen Portfolio WordPress Themes that offer magical viewing experience for your users.

21 Masonry Portfolio WordPress Themes 2018 For Designer

Masonry grid layout is a popular design choice for laying out a gallery of images on a web page. It`s both a practical and an attractive choice for your site if you`re an artist, designer or photographer wanting to display your portfolio. So in this post I`ve put together a collection of impressive Masonry Portfolio WordPress Themes with a wide range of features to suit any portfolio.

22 Portfolio WordPress Themes 2018 To Land Your Dream Job

In today`s highly competitive design market, you need a concise, highly-focused portfolio to land your dream job. Having a well-presented compilation of your work not only sings to your skills and experiences as a designer. Attractive visual design matters. A picture makes a stronger impression than your written word at first glance. So here are 22 Portfolio WordPress Themes 2018 that could help you look better in front of your clients, and potential ones, not to mention save you lots of time when it comes to putting together that site that showcases your ability.

25 Beautiful Typographic Portfolio Web Designs

Typography remains one of the most powerful tools in any web designer’s toolkit. Whether you realize it or not, typography helps to create an experience for users before they`ve even read a word or clicked a button. Done right, typography can be more effective than any image or graphic. Here are 25 portfolio websites that use type in creative ways that offer people a unique and easy to understand experience.

30 Timeless Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Themes

Design trends come and go. But there is a trend that seems to be timeless. Minimalism is one such trend. Research shows that users want a simple, easy to use interface for finding the content they need. Minimalist web design allow your content to shine without unnecessary clutter that stands out from the rest. So here are 30 Timeless Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Themes that will make sure your content shines with amazing typography and readability.