15 CSS & Javascript Polyfills

Have you ever wanted to try experimental JavaScript & CSS features before they’re available in the browser? What about use a feature that wouldn’t otherwise be supported by a specific browser? Soon browsers will support them; until then, use a polyfill.

8 HTML5 And CSS3 Polyfill Solutions

A polyfill is like spackle for your Web sites, it’s a way to determine if a given HTML5 feature is available to the user currently browsing your site, and to provide either a shim that ‘fills in’ that support or a course of graceful degradation that enables your site to still function fully. A polyfill can be nearly anything – a JavaScript library that adds support for CSS3 selectors to old versions Internet Explorer. So here are some HTML5 and CSS3 polyfill solutions for your site to provide fallback functionality to older browser.