10 Joyful Christmas WordPress Plugins

So that time of the year is fast approaching yet again with only 4 weeks until Christmas. It’s the time when the Christmas trees come out, decorations go on and the lights go up. So here are 10 Joyful Christmas WordPress plugins which can help you adding animated snow falling effects and special Christmas card.

10 jQuery AJAX Contact Form Plugins

Contact form on website is often the most important page on your website and yet is often overlooked. Creating the perfect form can be challenging but is an essential part of your business, get it right and you will receive more enquiries! So here are 10 best jQuery plugins to build a perfect and powerful contact form that visitors can use without having to leave the page.

15 Visually Appealing WordPress Admin Themes

When creating themes for clients, you might want to provide them with some administrative branding. Being able to put your own personal touch on the admin area can decrease the chances of your clients forgetting about you after handing over the website. Here are some free and premium WordPress admin themes that will allow you to create your own color schemes, edit the colors of the individual aspects of the dashboard area, add your own logo and branding, and also give the login page a custom look and feel for client or personal use.

WordPress Parallax Slider Effect Plugins

Parallax scrolling sites have been a pretty hot UX thing of late, being showcased on various blogs. To help you choose a plugin for doing this sort of thing, in this post I’ve put together a list of WordPress parallax slider effect plugins to choose from.