20 Marvellous Impressionist Art Photoshop Actions

Impressionist art is usually associated with abstract paintings. It is a paint movement that started in France in the 19th. Characteristic of Impressionism is the subject matter – landscapes and natural scenes from daily life are common themes found in impressionistic paintings. So in this post we`ve gathered 20 Photoshop actions for creating images that look like coming from an impressionist artist that can be done in few steps.

21 Amazing Black & White Photoshop Actions

Black and white can add drama and emotion to many different kinds of photographs. They can make photos more serious. More intense and dramatic. Or even simplify the image to show it`s true message. So here are 21 Amazing Black & White Photoshop Actions to convert your digital images to black and white and add wide variety of effects that you can apply after that.

20 Cool Retro Vintage Text Effects for Photoshop

Retro and Vintage design has been a popular style for websites and online projects for a while now. There are a lot of tutorials that will help you to create your own text effect, but if you are looking to quickly add old-school vibe to your typography work, here are some cool Photoshop text effects to transform a plain type into a beautiful, distinctive one that will match your vintage design projects. You can use any font on these text elements, so basically it is a awesome toolkit for all of your projects like your website, stickers, T-shirt, retro labels and more.

80 Photoshop Actions For All Your Photo Editing Needs

Photoshop is of great importance to bloggers, designers, artists and photographers in the digital world. So if you are looking for a tool to increase the quality of your pictures and make them stunning, here are 80 Photoshop Actions For All Your Photo Editing Needs.

20 Best Video Photoshop Mockup Design Tutorials

With a mockup, you get a better idea of how your designs will look in different mediums. If you are interested to learn how to create and work with them, here are some video tutorials for creating a mockup in Photoshop from a photograph and turning that into a template you can use for any design.

25 Cool Christmas Photoshop Add-ons For Designer & Photographer

With the winter holidays quickly approaching, every graphic designer starts to search for ways to spruce up his projects and give them an element of jolly holiday spirit. Probably a lot of projects involving Christmas accents awaits you. So if you are designing Christmas materials, icons, flyers and so on, here are 25 Cool Christmas Photoshop Add-ons For Designer & Photographer that will add Christmas touch to your design project.

30+ Clever Street Arts Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Street art and graffiti are a familiar sight in all our cities. Street art is there to surprise and inspire us, to shake up the often dull urban environments in which it can usually be found in order to give us a fresh perspective on our otherwise familiar neighborhoods and streets. These last few years, the number of talented artists has grown dramatically. This also affects people`s interest of street art. It is not an easy thing to create a clever street art in short time. So in this post we put together 30+ Clever Street Arts Guaranteed To Make You Smile for your enjoyment and inspiration.

20 Cool Dream-like Photoshop Actions

Have you ever had a dream that your teeth were falling out or that you were flying? Dream-like or Surreal photo is basically displays of rich imagination of subjects which then injected into real pictures. Because it gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your images. So in this post we`ve collected Cool Dream-like Photoshop Actions to create surreal effect in your photograph.