20 Amazing Photo Manipulations That Make Water Come To Life

Water effects are often used in advertising for drinks, as water represents freshness, cleanness and the quenching of thirst. They are a good stuff to turn your object to be outstanding. Designing water effect in Photoshop is certainly not a piece of cake. So in this post We have collected 20 Amazing Photo Manipulations That Make Water Come To Life for inspiration if you want to apply water effect to your own picture.

40 Massively Beautiful Space Photo Manipulations

There`s a lot to wonder about space. The fact is we don`t know all the answers about it. We know it`s vast and beautiful, but we`re not really sure how vast. That`s why space is awesome and scary at the same time. Space photo manipulations are quite often the most interesting, it gives artist great opportunities to experiment with things they don`t usually experiment, such as futuristic lighting and unusual compositions. So below we`ve collected 40 Massively Beautiful Space Photo Manipulations for inspiration.

20 Photo Manipulations That Combine Pencil Drawings With Photography

With the excessive use of social media, everyone adds effects to make their photos unique and more interesting. A common effect used is combining photography with drawing, which turn photo into half sketch effect. It is a stunning mixture of imagination and reality, illusion and surrealism. So in this post We`ve collected Pencil Skecth Photo Manipulations made by talented artists transforme ordinary photo into something unexpected and totally out of the box.

30 Mind-blowing Examples Of Wings Photo Manipulation

Wings represent speed, freedom, elevation, aspiration, divinity and transcendence. They are also associated with mystical and magical beings. Today, we take a look at several digital artists who`ve created their own interpretations of it. So here are 30 Mind-blowing Examples Of Wings Photo Manipulation which would feed creative juices to your mind.

40 Best Photoshop Actions 2016

You don`t need to be a Photoshop expert to have fun editing your digital photos. Photoshop Actions will simplify the editing process and allow you to create stunning images at the click of a button. So in this post i`ve gathered 40 best Photoshop actions 2016 that will enhance existing images, produce stunning fantasy images, or make pictures resemble oil and watercolor paintings.