22 Creative Packaging Designs You’ll Want To Steal

Packaging has become far more than just a container or carrier of a product. In today’s competitive marketplace, product manufacturers depend on packaging to grab shoppers’ attention and differentiate their brand from others on the shelf. So let’s take a look at some of the most creative packaging designs that i’ve come across.

52 Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Designs

Innovative, fun, or even weird packaging design can make or break a product’s sales. Doing something different with your packaging design can bring your brand media attention, spur new sales, attract new customers, and perhaps even earn a coveted “end cap” display space at your local pharmacy, department store, or grocer. So here are great examples of brands that you may know or may not know but it shows how true it is that you can have a great package but the design can take product a longer way.

43 Beautiful Typography Packaging Designs Inspiration

In packaging design, typography is the primary medium for the communication of the product’s name, function, and facts to a broad consumer audience. The typographic section, layout and treatment of the words and letterforms effect how the type is read. Ultimately the typography on packaging design becomes one of the most significant elements of the visual expression of the product.

35 High-quality PSD Packaging Mock Up Templates

Following are the Photoshop PSD packaging templates, some of them are Photoshop smart object enabled and all files are layered, so just create a your client’s label design and make it unique. Using these psd file you can create cool product packaging designs. So here are 35 High-quality PSD Packaging Mock Up Templates to create your next packaging mockup.

60 Creative & Beautiful Packaging Designs 2013

Whenever you visit the supermarkets, malls, stores and any other places where products are sold, you will always see that the products are wrapped in a packaging container. Container may vary in size, shape and color, and these are the factors that help you locate your favorite brand or product in a blink of an eye. If you are looking for a packaging design idea that conveys the right message in the right manner to your targeted audience, check out these 60 examples.