20+ Most Fantastic Music & Sound WordPress Themes

Owning a website shows credibility, control and professionalism. If you want to be taken seriously by the music industry, you need a website. So in this post i`ve handpicked 20 Most Fantastic Music & Sound WordPress Themes that wil give you a massive advantage over other music websites that are similar to yours but don’t have a Website.

20+ Superb Podcast & Radio WordPress Themes 2021

Podcasts are quite the popular format whether you`re putting on an informative broadcast or simply want to entertain listeners. So, if you`re eager to make the most out of this opportunity, all you need is a website to share those podcast content. To save you the unnecessary hassle and effort searching for best podcast and radio website, in this post I`ve rounded up 20 WordPress themes designed for podcast & radio niche, which means you can find dedicated options and functionality built right within the theme itself.

20 Best UI Sound & Music Stock Websites

There are many websites when you can find sounds for many purpose, some of them are free, other ones require a subscription. So in this post we`ve made the process even easier by compiling a list of best websites that offer both free and premium UI sound and sound effects that you can use in your next project.

Top 20 WordPress Themes for Selling Music Online 2019

Remember the days when we used to wait for CDs or Cassettes of our favorite songs? We used to raise the sound level of our music systems whenever our favorite song used to be broadcasted. Well, those days are long gone; seems like the intervention of the internet has both simplified and surpassed our music experience. So here are best WordPress themes that will allow you to add a music store and start selling your music tracks online painlessly as possible.

21 CSS & Javascript Music Web Player Examples

Music is a pervasive part of much of our daily lives, whether we consciously notice or not. In today’s multimedia web it’s becoming an ever increasing part of web design to include music. Customizing the music web player is one of the first things web designer and developer think about when implementing these elements, as often the default player does not match the website, or merely for consistency across browsers and devices. So in this post I’ve collected 21 CSS & Javascript Music Web Player Examples that you can use for inspiration to develop and design a music app.

25 High Quality Music & Sound Icon Sets

A picture is worth a thousand words. The same rule applies for icons. With icons on your music website or music app, your users will better understand your product or service while making it easier for them to find the information they are looking for. So in this post I’ve collected 25 High Quality Music & Sound Icon Sets for your next music UI related project like website, mobile app and others.

20 Best WordPress Themes for Music Blog

Music blogging has been evolving as much as the music industry itself. Many music fans are looking to the internet for the latest news on their favourite musicians. There`s no better way to provide music and music related news than a music blog. So if you are passionate about music and you like sharing your thoughts with others by writing, here are 20 Best WordPress Themes for Music Blog.

20 Outstanding Portfolio Music WordPress Themes

If you`re a musician, a strong portfolio could mean the difference between success and failure. You absolutely need to build an online portfolio that showcases all your work in one, organized online destination. Imagine how hard it is for people to try and find examples of your work scattered across the Internet. Instead, they should be able to access all of your music in one destination that promotes your brand, your expertise, and who you are as a professional. So here are 20 Outstanding Portfolio Music WordPress Themes that allow you to showcase your work anywhere on your website.