25 Creative Monochrome Portfolio Web Designs

The definition of monochrome is an image in a single hue. That single hue can be any color, which gives you plethora of options and shades of wonder. Want to know my favorite monochrome color scheme? Black and white. Seriously, how gorgeous are black and white web designs ? Monochrome is hands down, the most wonderful color scheme. So in this post i have compiled some hand picked creative monochrome portfolio website designs which will definitely inspired you.

20 Sizzling Monochromatic WordPress Themes

Monochromatic colours are still colours, it is not just black and white, but it uses low light and highlights to give the impression of monochrome. So if you are looking for minimalist and content-focused WordPress theme, here are 20 Sizzling Monochromatic WordPress Themes using predominately one color in various shades to produce a stunningly eye-catching design that will hold & grab website`s visitor attention.