21 Masonry Portfolio WordPress Themes For Designer

Masonry grid layout is a popular design choice for laying out a gallery of images on a web page. It`s both a practical and an attractive choice for your site if you`re an artist, designer or photographer wanting to display your portfolio. So in this post I`ve put together a collection of impressive Masonry Portfolio WordPress Themes with a wide range of features to suit any portfolio.

21 Masonry Style Layout WordPress Themes

Masonry is one of the popular layout style. Think Pinterest. To describe it in words, an almost crazy paving effect whereby variable sized blocks of content are pieced together in an aesthetically pleasing style, often staggered. Masonry is a grid-based layout that will place content blocks into spaces that can be fitted in. Every bit of screen space is used and the result can be downright mesmerizing. So here are 21 Stunning Portfolio WordPress Themes with Masonry style layouts for maximizing the efficiency of galleries containing items with varying heights.