60 Excellent Lightroom Presets for Creative Digital Photography

Adobe’s Lightroom has emerged as a must-have software due to its powerful editing tools and time saving organizational capabilities. It was designed from the ground up with digital photographers in mind, offering powerful editing features in a streamlined interface that lets photographers import, sort, and organize images. This is why it become an essential part of any photographer’s workflow. So if you’re a passionate photographer and you’re ready to take your work to the next level, here in this post I’ve collected 60 Best Lightroom Presets for Creative Digital Photography that you can use to improve your photography.

28 Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

A powerful feature of Lightroom is its ability to save develop settings known as Presets so you can use them again later to edit other images. These presets will not only save you time but will also apply a consistent look to a set of images.