21+ Useful Modal & Lightbox Javascript Plugins

Modal Window and Lightbox can be an incredibly useful tool in building a modern website. Whether displaying a form or images for users they can provide a great user experience and increase retention. So If you need to create a modal and lightbox, here are 21 Modal Window & Lightbox Javascript Plugins to help you in your next web project.

15 Impressive Email Popup WordPress Plugins

Popups, when done poorly, are annoying, interfere with user experience and can leave visitors with a bad taste in their mouth. When they are designed professionally and you pay attention to what your call to action button says, pop-ups can actually help you get conversions. So here are 15 Impressive Email Popup WordPress Plugins to design a unique popup on your site and take your email marketing to another level.

15 Lightbox WordPress Plugins to Showcase Images & Video

Lightbox is a popup window that opens when the user clicks on an image or video. This window displays a full size view of the image or video, while dimming the rest of the screen. It is really useful tool for situations when you need to convey important information without losing the context of the current screen. In this post, we put together 15 Lightbox WordPress Plugins that help you to showcase your images and videos beautifully without stressing.

10 Best Javascript Lightbox Plugins 2019

Lightbox can provide users with quick, focused information without navigating to another screen. They can be helpful for things such as product descriptions, to display a video or image. So here are 10 Best Javascript Plugins to open image in lightbox which help to attract the attention of visitors and just give elegancy to your site.

12 Best Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugins

Typically a lightbox is used to overlay larger versions of photos on top of a page when you click on their smaller counterparts. So here are responsive plugins that allow you to easily create the most beautiful overlay windows using the jQuery Javascript library.

11 WordPress Image & Video Lightbox Plugins

A lightbox is a sort of stylized pop-up that permits users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page. The use of the dark background, which dims the page over which the image has been overlaid, also serves to highlight the image being viewed. Below is a List of 11 WordPress Image & Video Lightbox Plugins.