20 Beautiful Letterpress Calendar Designs

Letterpress printing has captured the hearts of paper lovers everywhere for hundreds of years. An ancient printing technique that involves literally pressing words or designs with ink into thick, soft paper using a printing plate. In this post i want to showcase 20 beautiful letterpress calendar designs for your inspiration.

35 Awe-Inspiring Letterpress Business Card Examples

Letterpress business cards are quite impressive. The printing technique is centuries old and there still isn’t a printing method yet that can compete with the quality of a letterpress. They are often simple yet elegant designs with a distinct look and feel. Here are some great examples of letterpress business cards that will create good impression with a client.

45 Inspiring Letterpress Business Cards

A unique and inspired business card plays a major role in your professional success. Whether you run a small or bigger business or you are self-employed, you should always bear that sentence in mind and never underestimate the first impression it can make to a potential – or existing – customer. Remember also that the quantity of the info typed on your card can hardly vary from another card of a competitor (name, address and telephone numbers are usually on every one of them), so what really can make your own card distinctive is its appearance and touch. And the beast way to achieve this is to order your own Letterpress business cards.