20+ Visually Intriguing Asymmetrical WordPress Themes

Asymmetrical layouts are generally more dynamic and by intentionally ignoring balance. However, this isn`t to imply that asymmetrical layouts are unbalanced or chaotic. Smart designers will employ clever use of space, scale and color to create layouts where elements work in harmony to compliment one another. So in this post I`ve collected 20 Visually Intriguing Asymmetrical WordPress Themes created by designers who leave behind the perfectly balanced world of monotonous, and sometimes boring, standards.

25 Modern CSS Layout Design Ideas Inspiration

Flexbox and CSS Grid Layouts are great for handling site layout. Laying out a page is very crucial when web designing is concerned. you can not always depend on the default way of organizing elements in HTML and CSS. So here in this post I`ve collected 25 Modern CSS Layout Design Ideas Inspiration for a solution for developing highly responsive layouts using Flexbox and Grid System.

50 Excellent Grid Web UI Design Examples

Grids are one of the best systems you can use to guide people through content. And when it comes to designing websites, they are a great tool to ensure a consistent framework to organize graphic elements, like type and images, into a hierarchy. An excellent designer knows when and where you can break the grid to create something truly unique. To give you some inspiration and help you along with your next project, we have collected 50 Excellent Grid Web UI Design Examples for web design inspiration in 2019.

50 Creative Blog Layout Designs

We know blog design matters in order to make a good first impression. Designers spend a lot of time and energy trying to come up with a good blog layout. Layout is of paramount importance and every designer wants to present it in the most useful and intuitive way. So whether you are launching a new blog or just looking for the latest blog design trends, here are 50 Creative Blog Layout Designs you can use to gather some inspiration for designing the perfect blog for your readers.

40+ Helpful CSS Articles & Tutorials For 2019

It`s no news that CSS has evolved along the way and has become more powerful nowadays. Keeping up to date and staying close to new tools and techniques is important for front-end developer. So in this post I have gathered 40+ Helpful CSS Articles & Tutorials to keep your eye on in 2019.

25 Unusual Layout & Grid Website Designs

Usually websites use a grid layout to improve readability and the overall look and feel of the website. Grids are a shorthand. Before we had grid systems we had to write CSS declarations that were cross-browser compatible and compensated for browser rendering quirks. This took enormous time and required constant updates to keep pages from breaking as browsers were updated. The various systems allow for a framework you don’t have to manage yourself on top of everything else you are already coding. And with a community backing any widely used system, it’s one less headache you have to take on alone. Using any kind of grid system is the basis for coding out a responsive design. Meaning that your website application can respond to whatever device is accessing it, thus allowing you to make predictable design variations for a wide range of devices, but with a single set of code. It’s important you have a coherent and repeatable way of organizing your content, and that’s what grid frameworks are supposed to help you with.

If you are no big fan of CSS grid framework you might consider to use CSS flexbox or CSS grid. They become extremely popular amongst front-end developers the last couple of years. This isn’t surprising, as it has made it a lot easier for us to create dynamic layouts and align content within containers. Flexbox enjoys wider support today and it can be used to position elements on just about any size screen nearly flawlessly. CSS Grids enjoys less legacy browser support but have more layout options than Flexbox. They do not impact performance the way Flexbox can. The best solution involves the use of both together. This will reduce the total lines of code required to achieve the desired layout, while offering the most overall control.

This year will be more creative than last year. Designers seek new ways to make unique grids and layouts. By placing elements outside of the grid, across grid lines and behind each other which makes the overall website unique in a competitive market. Here are 25 website designs that take a normal grid system and purposefully breaks it.

25 Tasteful & Beautifully Designed Magazine Templates 2019

Building magazine layout can be a time-consuming and difficult process to achieve a satisfactory result. Using magazine templates can help you save time when creating a magazine for either yourself or a client. With the foundations laid, all you have to do is fill in your content and you can move on to your next job.

So in this post we bring to you the latest collection of 25 Tasteful & Beautifully Designed Magazine Templates which do not require the knowledge of cutting-edge design software. A basic knowledge of InDesign and also Adobe Photoshop is enough to edit and personalize these magazine templates.

9 jQuery Drag & Drop Grid Layout Plugins

If you want to improve your layouts and add dynamic behaviour to your site, here are some jQuery plugins to help you build highly functional drag-and-drop grid layouts that look great and work on most modern browsers.