35 Best Landing Page Design Templates 2020

Landing page design is very often the deciding factor in whether someone converts or they get distracted and leave your website. A well designed landing page implies that the end product has also had a lot of care and attention put into it’s design. It comes across as professional and reliable, and as such it’s likely to have a higher conversion rate.

33 Brilliant Landing Page Design Concepts

Designing an effective landing page with a strong call-to-action is the difference between converting and not. Whatever the aim of your page whether it is to sell a product, gain subscribers, build a social media following, or share promotional video, the design of the landing page is critical to success. So here are 33 brilliant landing page design concepts to inspire you with fresh ideas for landing page design.

35 Responsive Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

A landing page is exactly what you might think: it’s the first thing visitors to your website see when they click on a link from an email message, print or electronic ad or whitepaper. It’s not your home page, but a specially-designed internal page directly related to the content that caused your visitor to seek more information. The immediate purpose of a landing page is to capture customer information. Ultimately, of course, the purpose is to convert those leads into sales. So here are 35 responsive bootstrap landing page templates that will convert a visitor into someone who purchases a product or service, or signs up for a newsletter.

48 Landing Page Design Examples

Any page on a website where the traffic is sent purposely to prompt certain action is affirmed as a landing page. To increase the conversion rate and the get maximum of ROI you should spent some time to design your landing page strategically. The purpose of the landing page is to land visitors to the page specifically made for the query they are searching. So if you need some inspiration for a new A/B test, here are landing page design examples to help ignite your conversion-focused creativity.