8 jQuery SVG Animation Plugins

SVGs are resolution-independent, scalable for responsive, and easy to navigate with their navigable DOM. It`s a new addition to the web animation bandwagon that allows front-end developers to create classy, static as well as animated vector graphics. So here are some best jQuery SVG Plugins that you can use to develop scalable vector animations with ease.

8 Cool jQuery YouTube & Vimeo Plugins

Here are 8 Cool jQuery YouTube & Vimeo Plugins that will allow you to add & play YouTube videos on your websites easily. You can easily integrate these YouTube plugins to your websites and can deliver better end user experience to your visitors.

9 jQuery Drag & Drop Grid Layout Plugins

If you want to improve your layouts and add dynamic behaviour to your site, here are some jQuery plugins to help you build highly functional drag-and-drop grid layouts that look great and work on most modern browsers.

21 jQuery Navigation Plugins For Creating Modern Website

Whether you’re selling software or sausages, your website needs a way for visitors to navigate. So in this post we’ve handpicked 21 jQuery navigation plugins that will help you to create fully functional navigation system for building modern & interactive websites. Whether you’re studying responsive design or looking for code snippets to use for your own layout, this collection is sure to please.

10 jQuery AJAX Contact Form Plugins

Contact form on website is often the most important page on your website and yet is often overlooked. Creating the perfect form can be challenging but is an essential part of your business, get it right and you will receive more enquiries! So here are 10 best jQuery plugins to build a perfect and powerful contact form that visitors can use without having to leave the page.