25 Awesome React Admin Dashboard Templates

React popularity has steadily increased in recent years, and we can consider it as one of the most trendy libraries at the moment. It`s easy to learn, highly flexible, and light-weighted which makes it a good option for developing a wide range of web applications. React is one of the ideal technologies to build dashboards since the component model fits so well. So in this post we`ve collected 25 Awesome React Admin Dashboard Templates that you can use as a tool for visualizing performance indicators.

26 Silky Smooth React Animation Examples

Animations today play a very important role in improving user experience of your app, be it a mobile app or a web app. React animation is a popular topic, perhaps because many developers find it challenging to work with. Animating your React apps doesn`t have to be a hassle. With these helpful components, you`ll be adding animation to your apps in no time. So if you are looking for examples to help you build cool and fun animations for your web projects, here are some silky smooth animation examples with React.

20 Awesome React Web & Mobile UI Components

Nowadays there are a lot of UI frameworks for React. Depending on the project complexity and requirements, you decide which front-end framework would be used because the main reason is to ease your development process. If you are thinking of designing system with React, here are 20 Awesome React Web and Mobile UI Components to simplify app design and development while ensuring consistent brand experiences, at scale.

52 Creative & Engaging CSS Loading Animation Examples

Loading animation is the what you see on some sites before the main content of the web page is loaded. Thoughtful animations can entertain your users while they wait for your content to load and reduce chances for visitors to leave your site. Loading animation can be extremely helpful when a website is complex and its loading time takes a few seconds. So if you need some inspiration to add a preloader to your website, here are 52 Creative & Engaging CSS Loading Animation Examples.

10 Cool Parallax Animation JavaScript Libraries 2019

Parallax scrolling is a technique that has become popular in the web design trend. It involves the background frame moving at a slow speed to the foreground frame that creates 2D scroll effect to web applications. Adding a parallax effect is nearly always a nice touch on any scrolling UI. So here are some of cool parallax animation JavaScript libraries that will help you create incredible scrolling effects.