20 Javascript Libraries To Manage File Upload

You might be working on a project which has upload feature that takes files from the user and uploads it to your storage server. File upload is a common task in almost all of modern web projects. With all different tools available, it is not that hard to implement file upload feature. So here are some useful Javascript libraries that will help you to implement file upload feature to your website.

40 Cool CSS Input Field Designs

HTML forms are very versatile and allow you to submit a wide range of different types of input. Input fields are what allow your users to fill in your form. Depending on what information you ask, there are various types of fields – text fields, range slider, color, dropdowns, check boxes, radio buttons, datepickers and others. So here are some really cool CSS input field designs for inspiration to create fully accessible, customizable and functional input fields.

10 Best Code Presentation Tools for Developer

So you`ve got a code presentation coming up, but whilst it looks beautiful in your text-editor with syntax highlighting, it`s ugly in Keynote. If you are a developer, and you ever tried to show code on your slides, you know it`s painful. So here are 10 Best Code Presentation Tools for Developer to create better slides in a timely fashion.

15 Javascript Progress Bar & Indicator Plugins

Progress bars let people to see how much of the process they`ve finished, and how much they still need to complete. They can be used to depict the status of anything that is in progress. So here are 15 Javascript Progress Bar & Indicator Plugins that will help you to display the progress of a task easily with a couple of files and lines of code.

15 Awesome Javascript Scrollbar Plugins

We see scrollbars everywhere. It appears when the content has overflown the depth of screen and cannot fit it anymore. By default, the scrollbar provided by the browser is not very attractive but efficient in doing its job. So if you are care about every details, here are 15 Javascript Plugins For Awesome Scrollbar that would be helpful to create custom scrollbar.