20 Best Autocomplete & Autosuggest Javascript Libraries

In almost all mobile and web apps being able to search is one of the most important parts. Autocomplete is an option that can save you keystrokes by automatically filling in HTML elements & attributes. As we start typing in our query, it give suggestions which we can choose from. Once we select the desired option, the selected text is displayed in the field. So here are 20 Autocomplete & Autosuggest Javascript Libraries that will assist in query creation, reduce keystrokes and help avoid typos.

21+ Useful Modal & Lightbox Javascript Plugins

Modal Window and Lightbox can be an incredibly useful tool in building a modern website. Whether displaying a form or images for users they can provide a great user experience and increase retention. So If you need to create a modal and lightbox, here are 21 Modal Window & Lightbox Javascript Plugins to help you in your next web project.

10 Best Dark Mode Javascript Libraries

Dark theme, night mode or whatever you want to call is all the rage for web and mobile. Web and mobile application platform are already embracing the dark theme as it is easy on the eyes, consumes less power on mobile devices and for better usability in night. So if you are looking for a switch that allows readers to select light and dark color mode, here are 10 Best Dark Mode Javascript Libraries that will turn your site into dark mode.

30 Best Javascript Chart & Graph Libraries & Tools

Data visualization is an important part of website these days. So if you are looking for data visualization solutions, here are some Best Javascript Chart & Graph Libraries & Tools to help you present your information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that allows your audience to focus on more important information.

21 CSS & Javascript Music Web Player Examples

Music is a pervasive part of much of our daily lives, whether we consciously notice or not. In today’s multimedia web it’s becoming an ever increasing part of web design to include music. Customizing the music web player is one of the first things web designer and developer think about when implementing these elements, as often the default player does not match the website, or merely for consistency across browsers and devices. So in this post I’ve collected 21 CSS & Javascript Music Web Player Examples that you can use for inspiration to develop and design a music app.

10 Javascript Libraries that Draw ASCII Art

There are trends on the web that last days or weeks and there are things that became a classic form of expression of the geek culture and are still interesting to explore after many years. ASCII Art is one of these things. ASCII art allows you to represent forms by using characters. So here in this post I’ve collected some cool Javascript libraries that allow you to transform any image, video and text into ASCII art.