35 Striking Invoice Designs

Just because the invoice is a business document, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. An invoice is usually your last contact with a client, so why not leave them with a lasting impression? Apart from just spending time behind creating appealing website and business card for your company, also devote some time to enhance the invoice and make it striking. So here are 35 Striking Invoice Designs that will inspire you to create stunning creative invoice layouts.

20 Creative Invoice & Proposal Template Designs

Looking professional can be key to the an aspiring freelancer’s success. Many people think the freelance lifestyle is all about sandals and napping but in actuality putting across a professional image is vitally important for retaining clients. Nobody is going to recommission the guy who sent his invoice on the back of a napkin. If you are a freelancer and need more professional looking invoicing and billing, here are 20 invoice templates is for you.