20 Creative Infographic Resume Templates

Infographic resumes can be a powerful statement about your creativity, communication skills, and forward thinking mindset. So, if you are considering using infographic resume — something graphic, colorful, and creative that’ll catch the eye of a hiring manager, here are 20 infographic resume templates that will help you present your talents and expertise to recruiters with maximum impact.

34 High Quality PSD & InDesign Magazine Templates

Creating your own magazine has never been easier. Thanks to internet and the many premade magazine layout templates that can be found in it, now everyone can have his own magazine. In this post, we’re going to showcase some great magazine templates designed on Adobe Indesign and Photoshop. If you wish to have your own magazine, and you can’t or you want to avoid designing it, you can now get PSD and InDesign magazine templates with affordable price.

30 High Quality InDesign Brochure Templates

Brochure can be very helpful in marketing your business to free distribution. People actually have a look at brochure not like pamplates just to throw. A good designed brochure can attract attention and result in a conversion.

There are a few important things to consider when it comes to creating your brochure :

  1. Brochure type – I will explain this in detail below.
  2. Content – A brochure is going to provide you with a lot of space, You need to make sure that the content you add is valuable, is giving all the necessary information. You can add images to make it look attractive.
  3. Color Combination – Colors can easily catch a person’s attention, you need to assure that the combination is attractive and also subtle, not too loud.
  4. Quality – A brochure has the capacity to increase your credibility and to introduce your company. To make sure that you are leaving an impact on your audience you need make that the quality of your brochure is good.

There are brochures of different types that will vary in terms of sizes. You can choose a brochure depending on the size of your content.

  1. Bi fold brochure
  2. Tri fold brochure
  3. Four fold brochure
  4. Five fold brochure
  5. Booklet

You don’t always need to hire professional graphic designers to design your brochures. You can always use brochure templates. Use them to design your own brochures just by customizing the templates using your own text, logos, photos and background. So here are 30 high quality brochure templates that will make things easy for you and save your time, save your money, they also make it easy and fast to print brochures and lessens technical errors.

20+ InDesign Flyer Templates For Business

Today flyer is really popular form of advertising as it’s widely used in different spheres of our life. If you need to boost your products or just need to announce any event or party, flyer will help you to make your project well-known by people. Also you can use flyer as the advertising tool promoting your business, program or any activity. One of the main advantages of a flyer is that it is not expensive form of advertising, but still very productive.