9 Interesting Image Placeholder Tools

As we all know about the lorem ipsum, It’s totally fake content to put in your mockup but sometimes it’s not suitable for the design. It’s a random text used as placeholder copy in designs. Lorem ipsum is a useful tool but can be a bit dry. Luckily, there are dozens of funny lorem ipsum generators out there, to help add some flavor to your mockups. Lorem Ipsum is great because we all know what it means, even if we don’t understand Latin. It means you need something to fill in this blank space here. But what if you were to replace that text in Latin with something most of your peers already know and would find very funny? Yes, that’s right. Office talk. When prototyping a new layout its convenient to use placeholder images then it is to use the final images. You could make the placeholder images in an image editing program. There is a far better way using image placeholder tools you can quickly get an image of any size you require by simply going to website and placing your desired width and height after the address.