8 CSS Libraries For Adding Image Hover Effects

Images help enhance a website, and convey your message in a better way compared to text-based data. Images not only make a web design look more engaging and captivating to the viewers` eyes, but also boost conversion rate of your website. So in this post we`ve gathered some useful CSS libraries for adding cool hover effects on your images that will help to grab visitors’ attention easily.

8 Cool CSS Filter Libraries & Tools

CSS filters are a powerful and easy-to-use visual effects tool for web developers. Filters can manipulate the appearance of any HTML element and can be stacked together to create unique effects with a single line of CSS. They are similar to the effects in Photoshop but with one key difference, the original image remains untouched. So here are some cool CSS filter libraries & tools that will allow you to manipulate any type of images colors, look and feel.

20 Really Cool CSS Hover Effect Tutorials & Examples

The hover effect gives user a feedback when they move a mouse cursor over images, buttons or links. It’s one of the most important effect on websites and greatly increase a user experience. So in this post i gathered 20 really cool CSS hover effect tutorials & examples to help you to make your website rich and getting better user experience.