22 Beautiful Travel Website Templates

Are you planning a trip around the world? Or perhaps you’re already living overseas and considering starting a travel website? Maybe you used to be stuck in an office somewhere, but now, after saving enough money, you can finally have a trip backpacking around the world? If you fall into one of these categories and you like to share your experiences with your friends, family, and past co-workers through your travel website, then here are 22 beautiful travel website templates for you.

25 Hotel & Restaurant Website Designs

In this post, we will showcase 25 hotel & travel websites for inspiration. They are chosen because they put efforts to perfect their website designs. Others are neither not putting efforts nor having a bad website. Just they make us feel that they are sufficient to give you numerous idea of hotel & restaurant website design.

15 Elegant Hotel & Travel HTML Website Templates

Starting up an appealing website related to hotel & travel business is a long and multifaceted process which requires carrying out complicated tasks if you do everything on your own. However, this work won’t take a lot of your precious time, efforts and money, if you use appropriate pre-made website template. Below you will find various designs which are a perfect match for hotels and other travel accommodations. All the layouts are of superb and up-to-date design. Take your time to browse through all the templates to find the right “face” for your website.