21 Awesome PSD Hero Image Illustration Templates

A hero image or hero header is a large component you put above the fold on a web page, usually a nice big image, that will be the first thing to grab the viewer’s attention. In addition to a high-resolution graphic, a hero image can contain your company’s unique selling point and a conversion goal, such as a signup form or button to begin shopping. A recent trend has been to use illustration for the hero image rather than static photos. Illustrations are quickly becoming a popular alternative for hero images. They offer numerous advantages over “traditional” photos. So here are 21 Awesome PSD Hero Image Illustration Templates to boost your conversion rates and impress your users.

22 Modern Hero Image & Video WordPress Themes

Hero image aka large background image have been gaining popularity in web design lately. Using a hero image can be a very emotional, activating or even story-telling way to welcome people onto your site, there’s nothing that can let you tell your story to your audience more appealingly than videos and images. Here are 22 WordPress themes using modern hero image & video that will help you build your brand and tell your story.

19 PSD Mock-up Templates To Create Hero Image

You may see big hero banners on almost every modern website these days and I really like this trend. It is the big header image. Or the large background image with some messaging. May also be referred to as the huge banner image with text. Hero images are beneficial because they allow you to attract your target audience and provide them with a quick and precise snapshot of your brand or company.

20 Examples Of Using Large Hero Image In Web Design

Hero image is a large area at the top of the screen that is usually full width, and gives the reader an idea of what the printed website is all about. Hero areas can be a slide show or a static image, and they come in varying shapes, sizes and designs. Even when the hero image is static, it can powerfully invest the user with a particular notion or image that they will take with them as they enter the site. So check out these 20 amazing examples of using large hero image in web design.