20 WordPress Themes With Great Header Designs

Your home page header is a 10-second opportunity to prove to your visitors what value the site will give to them. The header is the place where you can introduce your visitors to the characters they will be going to meet all through the way. It stands out and is super memorable, giving visitors a chance to get used to your brand and to recognize you even after decades later. So here are 20 WordPress Themes With Great Header Designs that will help you to create a good first impression.

43 Excellent Website Header Concept Designs

A website header is the area is one of the most valuable areas of your website. It runs across the top of the page and appears on every page of your website. It`s the first thing that visitors see. And There are no rules how a header should look like, and basically there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to designing your header. So here are 43 Excellent Website Header Concept Designs that you can use for inspiration to create interesting and impactful header.

15 WordPress Plugins For Header & Background

A stunning video or animation in the background have become an integral part of any web design. Background videos are best used on websites that are aiming to make a big first impression on their visitors. Adding custom header and background to your WordPress website doesn’t have to be daunting, so here are 15 best WordPress plugins for allowing users to set a custom background and header.