20 Minimalist Grid-Based Portfolio WordPress Themes

Grid systems are used in design to provide structure and form to a layout. The fundamental idea behind a grid is that your UI elements can re-arrange themselves differently depending on the device users view them on. The way this is accomplished is by making the largest display size a multiple of the smallest. A good grid design system will stack and/or resize its content elements to fit small old smartphones, widescreen HD displays, 768 pixel tablets and all the common sizes in-between. Here are 20 minimalist portfolio WordPress themes with innovative use of the grid system. They showcase your work and allow your prospective clients to see your personality and professionalism. These themes are designed to help you build a digital portfolio quickly and easily that will attract visitors and feature you, your work, and your abilities.

21 Outstanding Grid Based Websites

Grids enable stability and structure in a web layout, giving the designer a logical template to build the site on. Here are a few examples of grid based web designs that showcase great designs and organized, user-friendly interfaces.