25 Excellent Examples Of Minimal Geometry Photography

Minimal Geometry Photography strive to give a new perspective on lines, symmetries, patterns and other qualities that are often overlooked in a busy world where our sight is overwhelmed with objects, colours, and a million other things. It usually provides an innovative way of looking at what might seem dull and boring at the first sight. By using geometry and cropping, photographs of architecture can often convey different feelings. Today, I`d like to bring you some inspiration and share 25 Excellent Examples Of Minimal Geometry Photography.

30 Dazzling Examples Of Isometric Designs

Isometric design is the art of using geometric shapes to give the illusion of 3D. They are proving hugely popular at the moment, with many designers looking to create a 3D isometric effect to inspire their creativity. So here are 30 dazzling examples of isometric designs for inspiration.

19 Awesome Geometric Brochure Designs

Geometric design trend that’s all over the place at the moment; we’re seeing it in web design, print design, multimedia, fine art. So here are awesome brochure designs using mainly geometric elements with thoughtful color placement and blending.